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sábado, 27 de julho de 2013


Atenção quero dar um comunicado para as pessoas que são aqui do Brasil. Eu fiz algumas postagens em ingles para as pessoas dos Estados Unidos, Reino Unido, mas eu  vou continuar postando para o Brasil. Eu só fiz aquelas postagens porque a novela Violetta estreiou faz pouco tempo no Reino Unido e eu quis trazer algumas informações sobre a novela para eles, ate porque eles não sabem quase nada sobre a Martina Stoessel e sobre a novela Violetta e a maioria dos blogs que falam sobre isso são aqui do Brasil.

Keep an eye: the looks of "Violetta" series that debuts today on Disney Channel!

Premiere on Disney Channel today at 19h, the series "Violetta", which mixes music and stories fluffy (and other tense) of romance and friendship. We are already eyeing the costumes of the main characters, come see also:

Violetta (Martina Stoessel) - the romantic


Violetta is a super talented girl who, after living several years in Europe, returns to Buenos Aires, his hometown. There she will fall in love and find his calling for music. Violetta has looks and romantic: not lacking soltinhas floral print skirts or pets. The productions almost always have a touch of a cute satin bow and candy colors like blue and light pink.


A cool way to make the look more modern romantic that loves Violetta is betting on the vest and denim jacket on delicate parts. In real life, Martina, who plays Violetta confessed that he loves the style of Miley Cyrus and loves to paint your nails with vibrant colors!

Ludmilla (Mercedes Lambre) - the glam


Ludmilla is a liar and arrogant girl who comes from a wealthy family and Violetta considers its main enemy (she is jealous of the talent and natural beauty of Violetta). As he likes to be the center of attention, Ludmilla invests in clothes full of glitter, sequins, printed leggings, belts, bracelets and maxipulseiras are indispensable in your wardrobe!

Curiosity: Mercedes, the actress who plays Ludmilla, said that, unlike Ludmilla, enjoys basic clothing Comfortable and neutral color on the nails.

Source: Website CAPRICE

Learn more about "Violetta", the new Disney Channel sensation!

On Monday (10) Disney Channel debuted on the small screen the Brazilian soap opera "Violetta", since success and feeling in some Latin American countries. The novel features a cast young, beautiful and talented, who loves music, dancing and, of course, will arm several confusions!

The novel tells the story of Violetta (Martina Stoessel), a girl who just moved to Buenos Aires against their will. Violetta's father, Germán (Diego Ramos), decides to return with her daughter to the capital of Argentina and soon she starts attending art school Studio 21, where you can find new friends and also a new love. The new life of Violetta promises many emotions and you will engage in the stories of her and her new class, especially in the novel that will be born of the friendship between the girl and Tomáz (Pablo Espinosa), a boy who works in the school cafeteria.

"Violetta" has enough action and comes packed in good humor to brighten your day! The songs are superanimadas and will make anyone feel like dancing! The trail will be on sale soon and promises to be a great success too.

The WHIM hit a little chat with the actors. Check it out below:

CAPRICE - What message do you want to go with the novel?

Pablo Espinosa - Let each trust yourself, that give as much as they can in any type of work, they have the strength to get where they want, do not be afraid to make mistakes and always trust in themselves.

"Violetta" is about the friendship between the characters will be born. You already knew? How has living?

Jorge Blanco - We knew little before starting the recordings. The cast is from different parts of the world (Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) but we are all very similar, although we live in different countries with different cultures. Now we're all friends, we had fun and that cultural exchange is very interesting for everyone. Now we have the country "Violetta"!

Most of the cast sings and dances too! You had to develop these techniques and were ready?

Martina Stoessel - Everyone knew something but we're learning together several others.

The choreographies are very diverse and have reference in the street, in classical ballet, jazz, wacking ... The Brazilian public surely will like a lot!

Mercedes Lambre - Yes! We danced the whole time! It has contemporary dance, ballet, street. Trained enough to get through security during scenes.

"Violetta" airs Monday through Friday, always 19h on Disney Channel. You can learn more about the novel and the characters visit the official website.

Source: Website CAPRICE

Interview Martina Stoessel for Popstar Magazine

The famous magazine Argentina decided to interview the star of Violetta, Martina Stoessel. There, she told some intimacies already said elsewhere. She answered: "I melt faces for surfers, skaters and rugby players." It started as a game. With eight years, the small Tini - nickname he earned from his family since childhood that shortened Mariana, his mother left home to go into your room, proving clothes and spending an afternoon doing their own choreography. Martina Seven years later, no longer has to prove people's clothes. As Violetta protagonist became the new star of Disney Latin America.

You never thought to be anything that was not an actress?
Since I have memory I love to sing and dance. While some liked dolls, I liked to pretend he was someone else.

Violetta is your first job ... How did you get him?
My father is a television presenter and wanted to bring it closer to a project with Disney Channel musical sections. Then he asked me if I was recording something. Some months later, they asked my father who was the girl who sang in their pilot program and could take me to a casting, because they were seeking the protagonist of a new program. Thus the project of my father stood aside, but now I have a job! Everything changes ...

How has your life changed since you became famous?
The only thing that has changed is that when I go there, I have to give autographs or receive wristbands, posters and fan letters.

In school you see the difference?
With my colleagues and those who are younger have no drama. The largest are the most controversial. There is always one that says, "Here comes the Famosita, look at her ... But it's envy.

What was the craziest thing happened with a fan?
Recently, some parents wanted to give her daughter a picture with me. So I contacted, arrived at the house, I took a picture with her and then increased to paste in your room. It was the first time a girl made me cry. I nearly died.

See Violetta at home?
Only now I'm seeing. The first few chapters I was too embarrassed to be on the television screen. I blushed and said, "Wow, I'm everywhere." Now I'm involved with the story of Violetta.

Will I ever see you singing your solo album?
First I have to finish school, which is what my parents call, and then I want to travel to New York to hone my musical skills. Then yes, that is one of my big dreams. Imagine if I get to play in a stadium full of people screaming my name? It would be great

His routine ...

What does a typical day in your life?
Now I get up at 6:30 for school and I am weekdays alternating between guitar lessons, singing and hip-hop. I also have special teachers for certain subjects in school.

Did you go on winter vacation?
Yes, two weeks at Disney and Miami to forget rather cold!

What do you like to watch on TV?
I like series or music programs like Smash or Gossip Girl. Most of the time step in the computer I

What kind of music do you listen to?
I love Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I also like Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, but especially those two. They are my idols forever and ever.

Martina Stoessel

Name: Martina Stoessel
Date of birth: March 21, 1997
Place of birth: Buenos Aires

Martina Stoessel (better known as "Tini" Stoessel) was born on March 21, 1997, in Argentina, is the daughter of the director of the program Baila Conmigo Paraguay, Alejandro Stoessel. Stoessel began his artistic training at a young age, performing studies in singing, piano, theater, music and dance, Violetta and her first appearance on television.

2011: His brilliance

In 2011, Stoessel was responsible for putting a voice to the Spanish version of the song "The Glow" ("The Brightness"), who plays the English singer Shannon Saunders. The issue is part of the album Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs, which are collected from different successes of animated films from Disney and this topic inédito.4

On March 2, 2012, Walt Disney Records and Disney Channel launched the soundtrack celebraton, celebraton in Concert, a compilation that includes all the hits that sounded in the special year-end, which was issued by the Disney Channel in screen 31 December 2011, where he played Martina "your Radiance."

2012-present: Violetta

Stoessel is the protagonist of the first co-production between Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, working in collaboration with Pol-ka, Violetta, it first appeared on television, that from September 2011 to be recorded and released on May 14, 2012. Martina to play "Violetta", a girl full of light and life, but lonely and overprotected by her father (Diego Ramos). She has a unique voice she inherited from her mother, but still do not know. Inherited his father's love of reading and great intelligence. Back in Buenos Aires, start having private piano lessons in "Studio 21", a music academy prestige. There she discovers a new world that will find your own destiny and your family history. Earlier, his colleagues see it as a bit shy and nerdy, but soon discover his true personality.

When Stoessel was in Mexico City with the cast to promote the teen drama in this country talked about the experience of recording this project, which promises to entertain audiences with music, romance and a touch of humor.

The big step Violetta to other countries: The big step for countries outside of the novel, was the recording of the song En Mi Mundo (Around the World in Brazil), the opening of the novel Violetta in Italian. The song "Nel Mio World" is recognized worldwide, and that's where En Mi Mundo started doing more success, as Violetta.

The prize at the KCA: Martina Stoessel won the "Best New Artist" and "Breakthrough Female Singer" at the Kids Choice Awards Argentina where Pablo Espinoza also won award for "Favourite Actor", along with Mercedes Lambre as "Preferred village."

Year Show Role
2012 Violetta Castillo
2011 celebraton Itself

(Scans) Mgazine Dream Up

Novas fotos do show de Violetta en vivo

Novas fotos dos shows de Violetta en vivo em Buenos Aires, confiram:

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