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sábado, 27 de julho de 2013

Martina Stoessel

Name: Martina Stoessel
Date of birth: March 21, 1997
Place of birth: Buenos Aires

Martina Stoessel (better known as "Tini" Stoessel) was born on March 21, 1997, in Argentina, is the daughter of the director of the program Baila Conmigo Paraguay, Alejandro Stoessel. Stoessel began his artistic training at a young age, performing studies in singing, piano, theater, music and dance, Violetta and her first appearance on television.

2011: His brilliance

In 2011, Stoessel was responsible for putting a voice to the Spanish version of the song "The Glow" ("The Brightness"), who plays the English singer Shannon Saunders. The issue is part of the album Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs, which are collected from different successes of animated films from Disney and this topic inédito.4

On March 2, 2012, Walt Disney Records and Disney Channel launched the soundtrack celebraton, celebraton in Concert, a compilation that includes all the hits that sounded in the special year-end, which was issued by the Disney Channel in screen 31 December 2011, where he played Martina "your Radiance."

2012-present: Violetta

Stoessel is the protagonist of the first co-production between Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, working in collaboration with Pol-ka, Violetta, it first appeared on television, that from September 2011 to be recorded and released on May 14, 2012. Martina to play "Violetta", a girl full of light and life, but lonely and overprotected by her father (Diego Ramos). She has a unique voice she inherited from her mother, but still do not know. Inherited his father's love of reading and great intelligence. Back in Buenos Aires, start having private piano lessons in "Studio 21", a music academy prestige. There she discovers a new world that will find your own destiny and your family history. Earlier, his colleagues see it as a bit shy and nerdy, but soon discover his true personality.

When Stoessel was in Mexico City with the cast to promote the teen drama in this country talked about the experience of recording this project, which promises to entertain audiences with music, romance and a touch of humor.

The big step Violetta to other countries: The big step for countries outside of the novel, was the recording of the song En Mi Mundo (Around the World in Brazil), the opening of the novel Violetta in Italian. The song "Nel Mio World" is recognized worldwide, and that's where En Mi Mundo started doing more success, as Violetta.

The prize at the KCA: Martina Stoessel won the "Best New Artist" and "Breakthrough Female Singer" at the Kids Choice Awards Argentina where Pablo Espinoza also won award for "Favourite Actor", along with Mercedes Lambre as "Preferred village."

Year Show Role
2012 Violetta Castillo
2011 celebraton Itself

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